Alfalfa PelletsBarnes Hay Alfalfa Pellets provide an excellent protein packed diet for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, cattle, sheep, goats, and more.

The Barnes Hay brand Alfalfa Pellet is the right choice when buying Alfalfa Pellet feed for your animals, our feed pellets are easy to handle, consistent in nutritional value and help regulate your animals feed intake. All our Alfalfa is sourced from local South Dakota farms. We believe in producing a quality feed product we can be proud of. 

Barnes Hay brand Alfalfa Pellets are a great addition to your animal’s diet. Keeping animals healthy and fit is our goal, so after purchasing our quality Alfalfa Pellets we recommend you consult your veterinarian in order to develop a complete nutritional feed program for your animal.


1/4 Inch Alfalfa Pellets
3/8 Inch Alfalfa Pellets (Coming Soon)
15% & 17% Protien


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